How I gained 7 kgs in 3 months!

4 min readAug 16, 2022


“What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”


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Today, I’ll share how I gained 7 kgs in 3 months!

I feel so thankful that I’ve reached my desired goal and happy that I can finally share it with you guys. Before I start doing so, I would also like to share a piece of my mind. There had been both haters and supporters, storms and rainbows, bad and sound in this journey. Some people told me it was impossible and that I didn’t have the consistency or strength. At the same time, some told me to listen to my heart(and my research) and do what is best for me. Some people tried as far as they could to break my mental resilience. But some of them helped me rebuild my spirit. For me gaining some pounds was proving those people wrong who doubted me, without even using words or fighting. But now I’ve let go of all that(I’ve realized that I have a bigger purpose in life than just holding a grudge over petty issues). Part of this journey has also brought me closer to myself.

One day you will also reach your goal, and that day it’ll all be worth it. I can assure you that you’d be feeling on top of the world, yet very humble and grounded. In other words, you’d be a whole new person. So, keep fighting, as the winning glory is greater than the painful journey. I thank god for giving me the strength to distinguish other people’s opinions from mine and stay focused on the path I’ve chosen for myself.

I took it as a challenge. I was ready to put body, mind, and soul into it.

Starting with diet:

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You must increase your intake of macronutrients to gain weight. That’s the general rule about increasing body weight. You gain weight by adding 500 extra calories to your daily calorie intake. For example, your daily calorie intake is 2000; then, you must eat 2500 calories to gain weight. Similarly, you need to consume more protein and healthy fats(I’ll not go in detail in this blog, stay tuned for the upcoming blog).

Diet is an essential part of every aspect of your life. So, you must take time to decide what you shove into your mouth because that will directly or indirectly affect you. My point is, if you are a skinny person, you must have heard this at some point in your life, “Eat more.” But if you question these people, “eat more, of what?”, they would probably say something stupid, like, “eat everything,” even if that’s a tub of ice cream or a deep dish pizza. I won’t say it’ll not work. You will gain weight but in the form of belly fat or flabby thighs. If that’s your goal, then go for it! But if your goal is to look like a greek god, then the mantra for you would be ‘Eat right and not more!’


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There is a myth among many that you would become even skinnier if you exercise. Exercising is for people who wish to lose weight. I pull a bull on that! First of all, there are several forms of exercise. You must be aware of the exercise you should be doing and the possible results it would bring. You must also keep in mind the goals that you have set for yourself and how much time of your day you are ready to invest in your health(For example, you are an IT guy/gal, and your goal is just to remain healthy and productive. And you can only invest 1 hour on fitness, in a day.) For more specific information about exercise, check out my blog on ‘what exercise should a skinny person do?’.


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Your mindset is the most crucial part of this journey. Remember, your mindset can either build you or destroy you.

Points to keep in mind:

  • Set a goal. Do you want a really muscular body or a healthy lean frame? Wide hips or abs? Please determine what your goal is and aim for it. Put your mind, body, and soul to attain your goal.
  • Never compare with others. Your body is beautiful and precious and one-of-a-kind. If you are naturally lean, it would probably be hard for you to look curvy. Own your physique cause it’s gorgeous, baby!
  • Have faith and be patient. Whatever diet plan or exercise regime you’re following, give it time to work out. It takes at least 2–3 months to see any noticeable changes.

This was a more inclusive blog about my journey. I understand you might have several doubts. I plan on making a few other separate blogs solely on diet and exercise. So, keep checking out for upcoming blogs. You may even post your doubts down below. Thank you for your time. Happy reading.:)