How to be confident?

3 min readOct 29, 2022


Confidence is not your goal but a medium to achieve your goal.

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Don’t strain your mind over the fact that you are not confident. But try to contemplate, being a capable human being, what is keeping you from being confident?

It’s none other than your own ego. Yes, let me explain it to you.

Every human is born confident. That is the reason a child has many dreams. He dares to think of himself as an astronaut or even a president. He considers himself no less than a fellow human of his age. But as we grow old, we lose that spark. Why? As we grow old, we get molded into a personality combining the personality of people around us. We are influenced by their thoughts, ideas, and emotions, both positive and negative. Critics surround us, who are there to correct us when we make any mistakes. Everyone has their own opinion about something. On the basis of that, they mark some things as right and others as wrong. But it’s just their perspective, not an age-old encrypted rule! This makes you indecisive and hypocritical about yourselves and the world. You get confused in a dilemma, whether you’re good or bad, poor or rich, beautiful or ugly, etc. And this constant state of being required to seek validation from others makes you lose all your confidence. That general feeling of insecurity rises. As a result of which, you start avoiding social situations to avoid any form of mind-boggling situations from happening in the first place.

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There is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad, in this world. Everything is a choice. And every human is free to make their own.

We think too much of ourselves when we are nothing else than just a spec of a particle in this huge universe. Today we exist. The next day, maybe not. No one cares whether you looked cute in that red dress or not. At the end of the day, people have their own problems to deal with. Do you really think that they will spend weeks thinking about how you looked ugly(maybe that’s not even the case, maybe they actually liked your look)? Well, would you do that? I don’t think so.

If you wish to be confident, own your truth. Start assessing yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. It’s okay not to know everything. It means you are still a human!(lol) If you think there are some places where you could improve yourself only if you intend, then do it. Set small and achievable goals. Doing this will increase your confidence level like a charm. Because you would be able to prove to yourself that you are a man of your word. You finally get exposed to the idea that you possess the power to achieve anything in this world.

You also need to work on your inner voice. Now, what is an inner voice? It is the language with which you communicate with your own self. Your inner voice has a lot of impact on your personality. I believe it’s a topic that requires our special attention. So, I’ll talk more about inner voice in a separate blog.

Lastly, don’t forget you get what you give. So, respect others for who they are, and they’ll do the same. I’m not asking you to show them momentary respect when you are around them. I’m asking you to feel genuine respect that a person the same as you has every possible right to be different and exist in a way that they feel is right.

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