Lets us know first what personality exactly means. Personality is the complex of all the attributes — behavioral, temperamental, emotional, and mental — that characterize a unique individual. Now the question is, why is it necessary to have a good personality? A good personality is essential to lead a stress-free life, have peace of mind, and have an overall successful life.

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Now let’s talk about how to improve your personality attributes.

  • BEHAVIORAL ATTRIBUTE-Some behavioral aspects of humans are communication, patience, conflict resolution, ambition, creativity, etc. are to name a few. Here are few tips for mastering your behavioral aspect. Exercise or meditate for at least 20–30 mins every day. Stay hydrated.”Cortisol is one of those stress hormones. Staying hydrated status can keep your stress level down. When you don’t give your body the fluids it needs, you’re putting stress on it, and it’s going to respond to that”, Carlson tells WebMD. Talk to yourself by looking at the mirror. Enquire about your current situation and try to find out a solution yourself. Stay calm and collected.
  • TEMPERAMENTAL ATTRIBUTE-The four main Temperamental aspects of humans are Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic, and Phlegmatic. Sanguine means the quality to stay cheerful and hopeful, and confident about the future. Choleric means one who gets easily moved to often unreasonable or excessive anger. Melancholic implies the state of sadness and depression of the mind. Phlegmatic means are having an unemotional and stolidly calm disposition. Having a perfect balance between all these aspects is essential to have peace of mind. Be aware of your strength and weaknesses. Set a goal, no matter how small it is. Filtre your needs as per your goal.
  • EMOTIONAL ATTRIBUTES-Few emotional attributes are self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. Be sympathetic, but don’t indulge yourself in other’s problems. Try to be open-minded, accept that you can make mistakes too. Try to keep your anger in check, and the best way to do so is to practice breathing. Trust me, it works. And while you do so, be thankful for your existence. Be grateful to your friends as well as your enemies. If someone behaves with you in a way they shouldn’t, they must have a reason behind it. Try to visualize the situation from their perspective.
  • MENTAL ATTRIBUTES-Some of the mental attributes in human is Determination, Intelligence, Intuition, and memory. Learn from your mistakes. Forgive and forget because getting frustrated will not solve your problems; instead will harm you. Have faith in yourself, your achievements, and your goals.


Photo by Olga Zabegina on Unsplash

Having a good personality is not enough; you must learn how to carry it.

* DRESS PROPERLY- Make sure you look presentable to compliment your personality because the first impression is the last. I am not saying that we must wear expensive clothes to look good, you can look presentable even in regular jeans and a top.

*SMILE-When you smile while talking with someone, it indicates that you are welcoming towards the person sitting next to you and are interested in having a conversation with them.




Fitness by yourself for yourself.

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