My take on feminism

2 min readApr 6, 2023


Photo by Emir Eğricesu on Unsplash

Feminism means people who support equality of rights and opportunity among all genders.

But is a man and a woman equal?

If we dive into the primal instincts of a man and a woman, we will see that both are endowed with a unique set of responsibilities. A woman usually is responsible for nurturing the family and upbringing of a child. Whereas men are responsible for providing shelter, food, and protection for the family. So, naturally, men are built muscular for performing strenuous jobs, whereas women are hospitable and creative. And no, men and women are not equal. They’re different. But times have changed. Now we don’t always need to rely on physical strength to earn a living. We can use the power of our brain to do so, which is why more and more women are getting into the arena in-par with men, and sometimes even exceeding men. So, maybe we are equal if you see it that way. But even though our brain works equally yet, our bodies remain different. And the needs of our bodies are also different. For generations, women have been told if they want to be paid equally as a man, they must work equally as hard as a man.

I believe this is wrong. First of all, we are not equal. A man can never be equal to a woman. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be treated justifiably. Why are we expected to work harder than our body limits to get paid equally?

The toxic trait of feminism is that it believes that, one has to be equal or greater than the other in order to be treated rightfully. Because this is an example that the misogynistic society has portrayed all along, making feminism the mirror opposite of misogyny. All of this is taking place because, after all these years, we are still not mature enough to accept differences. It makes us uncomfortable to see something or someone who is different than us. And our natural instinct is to eliminate it as soon as possible. We should focus on cultivating this habit in our mind that just because someone’s ideologies and values are different than ours doesn’t mean they are not worthy of our respect. It is high time that stop promoting equality and start promoting ‘accept change’.