Your Inner Voice.

4 min readNov 13, 2022


Close your eyes and try not to think of anything. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably, a voice telling you not to think of anything, right? That is your inner voice, or whatever you want to name it.

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Your inner voice plays a big part in influencing your thoughts and decisions, thereby setting a course of action. It influences you both positively and negatively.

When your inner voice is progressive or positive, it leads to success and growth.

But, when it’s retrogressive or negative, it leads to your downfall.

So naturally, we would opt for the positive. But is it that simple?

Now let me tell you where it is that you’re going to face the difficulty. Your inner voice is influenced by your brain and heart. Now, we all know what the brain is and how it functions. But what exactly is this heart? ‘Heart’ is a concept or an illusion that the brain creates to lure you into decisions that often creates conflict with your inner voice. Now, the brain tries to justify that ‘it’s your heart’s desire, but in reality, your brain is playing games with YOU, trying to compel you into giving up. But, why would your brain want that?

It would want that because when you choose discipline over relaxing, it pains your whole system, and naturally, your brain doesn’t want that.

Why is it important for us to train our inner voice?

It is important for us to train our inner voice because it has the power to lead us towards whatever we want from life or divert us from our goal. It can be our best friend or our worst enemy. It can make or break your career. So, it is important for us to learn about it, to tame it, before it gets too lost. As human, we can’t control fate, but we can definitely choose to intend whatever we want from life and however we want it. Before any revolution takes place, physically, it happens mentally. It starts from within. It initially starts with an ember, gradually it ignites in a flame. In order to lit that fire you need to train your inner voice. Then, to nurture that fire, you need to train your inner voice. To get whatever you desire, YOU NEED TO TRAIN YOUR INNER VOICE.

How can we train our inner voice?

If your inner voice has grown submissive, that means over time it has lost its battle with your brain and heart. So, in order to make it dominant, you need to allow your inner voice to win. Yes, its that simple.

  • Commit- The first step is to really commit yourself to do what you want. Spend time alone, and listen to YOURSELF. And only, listening won’t help, you also need to act accordingly. You need to act in favour of your inner voice. For example- Its tuesday and you have to go to the gym. Now, there’s absolutely no reason for you to skip. But, your brain starts fooling you again. It says”come on…its just one day, and you’ve done your workout yesterday, itself!”.

Ask yourself, is there any actual reason, why you should skip? Are your muscles fatigued? Are you sick? Has any catastrophic situation occurred to you? If no, then, what are you even fussing about?

  • Discipline- You need to instill discipline within you in small doses. Whenever the conflict between your inner voice arises forces yourself to go with what your inner voice is saying. Keep doing it, until, going with your inner voice becomes your instant reflex.

Now, it dosen’t mean that your inner voice is always right. There also exists a thing called gut feeling, which often leads to a life saving decision. I’ll elaborate that in another blog.

  • Journalise- To accentuate your inner voice, pay heed to it, LISTEN to it! Journalising your thoughts on a diary is a great way to do so. You may even record yourself speaking for a few minutes on whatever topic that comes to your mind. Journalising helps you to get closer to your ownself by clarifying your thoughts and beliefs.

Last but not least, have the courage to discover who you are. Spend some time learning more about your personality and the personalities of those who are similar to you.

This is all it takes to train your inner voice. Hope you found it useful!

Happy reading! :)

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